Brizy Pro Lifetime Deal

Brizy Pro Lifetime Deal

“The most user-friendly website builder in town”

Brizy Pro Lifetime Deal

$299 for Lifetime


Intuitive & Clutter Free

Nothing says ‘intuitive’ more than a tool that shows only what’s needed for the task and hides everything that’s not. That’s what makes Brizy the most user-friendly website builder.



Get off to a great start with professional designs

You might want to begin with a blank page and let your imagination guide you, but if that’s a little too intimidating, just start off with one of our beautiful pre-designed pages, blocks and pop-ups, all part of our Brizy website builder.


The time-saving feature that designers always wanted

Ever wanted to change all the similar colors in your page with a single click? With Brizy drag and drop website builder, you can! Not only that, but you can change all texts that share the same properties in one go, as well. All done with our Global Styling options.


Build quickly and intuitively with our innovative content tools

Speed up your design workflow with our smart content tools that show most options for each element right on top of it. This reduces mouse travel and saves time and also makes Brizy the most sought after drag and drop website builder.

• Rich Text Element

• Images with Zoom & Focus 

• Easy-to-setup Forms

• 4000+ Vector Icons

• Smart, Versatile Buttons

• Unrestricted Tabs Content

Custom Fields Integrations for WordPress

The most important ‘Custom Field’ plugins in WordPress are all supported, so the hard decision of which one to use is entirely up to you.

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Brizy Pro Lifetime Deal

$299 for Lifetime

51 Divi Child Themes Bundle Lifetime Deal

51 Divi Child Themes Bundle Lifetime Deal

“Jump Start Your Website in Just Few Clicks with 51 Beautiful Divi Child Themes “

51 Divi layouts Lifetime Deal

$39 for Lifetime


Use Coupon code “FromUstoYou15” for 15% discount!

Divi Child Themes allow you to create a separate set of folders and files that enable you to quickly and easily customize the look and feel of your entire Divi website without losing your changes to updates. These beautiful child themes will save you a tremendous amount of time and design cycles. This ultimate bundle includes 51 themes with demo data, install instructions, and add-ons.

  1. Alassa
  2. Andras
  3. Apperz
  4. Asta
  5. Autocorp
  6. Brad
  7. Carlos
  8. Cavel
  9. Cynthia
  10. Darkmode
  11. Digikit
  12. Druvois
  13. Ellingham
  1. Frosch
  2. Gekko
  3. Gluten
  4. Gumbee
  5. Indie
  6. Jupiter
  7. Karra
  8. Kelly
  9. Kite
  10. Koorg
  11. Kyle
  12. Marshall
  13. Moore
  1. Urus
  2. Velox
  3. Venture
  4. Virgo
  5. Vulkan
  6. Woodo
  7. Yeshwanth
  8. Zimbo
  9. Zio
  10. Aaron
  11. Bishoy
  12. Michael
  1. Nitro
  2. Oxygen
  3. Rack
  4. Radical
  5. Razvan
  6. Rover
  7. Rovin
  8. Sindhu
  9. Sparta
  10. Spartan
  11. Timwox
  12. Tyrac
  13. Ultimate

 Themes Demo link



1. One-click importer
2. Font Icons instead of images
3. Eye-catching CSS styles
4. Excellent Typography
5. Optimized for high speed
6. Fast and easy to use
7. Unique, Stylish & modern design
8. Responsive layout
9. Demo data installation
10. Multiple Page Layouts
11. Animated pop-ups
12. Google Fonts Support
13. Contact Form 7 Support
14. Cross-browser compatible
15. Custom CSS.
16. Add/edit CSS without touching files
17. 100% Responsive
18. 100+ icons to choose
19. Perfect color matching methods
20. Used for stunning presence
21. Easy Customization using theme Customizer
22. Step By Step Instructions to install the child theme.


51 Divi Layouts Lifetime Deal

$39 for Lifetime

use coupon code “FromUstoYou15” for 15% discount!

RelayThat Lifetime Deal

RelayThat Lifetime Deal

“Consistent Designs, Everywhere”

RelayThat Lifetime Deal

$49 for Lifetime

Promoting a brand without design skills can be like playing Minesweeper as a kid (really, did anyone know what they were doing?).

Even if you’ve got an eye for design, what you don’t got is time to waste adjusting images to fit every banner, ad, or social media post.

The solution isn’t lower quality visuals for your brand.

It’s RelayThat.


With just a few basic ingredients (logo, text, image, and your brand’s HEX code colors), RelayThat conjures up thousands of beautiful designs in every format and size you could want.

You’ll be able to drag-and-drop your branded content to your heart’s content and publish stunning designs in seconds.

Lifetime Access to RelayThat


Insert any URL into their Magic Import feature and even put brackets around keywords you want to stand out — RelayThat does the rest with smart positioning and highlighting features.


With every change, the entire layout library is instantly updated. And the more you add, the more awesome design options RelayThat lets you pick from (…but I already have a tough time deciding at Coldstone).

Say goodbye to tedious hours pushing pixels around to resize and remake images.

Whether you’re creating banners, ads, or promoting on social media, this tool automatically creates perfectly sized images every time.

Lifetime Access to RelayThat

If you’ve got designer’s block, RelayThat jumpstarts your creativity by pointing you in the right creative direction.

RelayThat includes an extensive collection of preset color palettes, font pairs, and eye-catching headlines that go together like Keenan and Kel.

No branded assets? No problem!

Enhance your designs with over 3 million copyright-free images and icons from the RelayThat library (are you an image from the RelayThat library? ’Cause I’m checking you out).

Lifetime Access to RelayThat

RelayThat constantly tests and updates their Smart Layouts on every channel for maximum engagement and traffic conversion — it’s survival of the trendiest and only the best make it into the design library.

Like any successful brand, you’ve got multiple clients and projects to juggle.

In just a few clicks, RelayThat lets you switch between designs and full campaigns with clean and organized folders.

Lifetime Access to RelayThat


Plus, with designs this quick and sleek, you’re getting happy clients every time.


Digital marketers and social media marketers across every industry use RelayThat to create eye-catching graphics without breaking a sweat.

While free tools might do background resizes, but get stuck with complex layouts.

Other paid tools have a steep learning curve and require years of design experience.

You can get with this or you can get with RelayThat, which is designed with beginners in mind and requires zero skill or software installation.

RelayThat’s innovative features also include image SEO, layouts for book promotions, digital device mockups, and layouts that encourage viewer engagement.

Lifetime Access to RelayThat

Amateur designs might look cute on a kid’s lemonade stand (would you just look at that adorable backwards “E” written in crayon?), but it just won’t do for your professional business.

And while you could hire an expensive design team or painstakingly resize images ‘til the crack of dawn, you shouldn’t have to.

Instead, let RelayThat do the heavy lifting for you and watch your brand grow!

Get lifetime access now!


RelayThat Lifetime Deal

$49 for Lifetime

ThemeIsle Lifetime Deal

ThemeIsle Lifetime Deal

“Transform four beautiful themes into infinite websites”

ThemeIsle Lifetime Deal

$69 for Lifetime

Looking for a WordPress theme can feel a lot like swiping through dating apps (I guess these options will do?).

You want someone, rather, something that’s eye-catching, fully customizable, and multi-purpose.

And you definitely want compatibility…you know, with Elementor and Gutenberg.

Well, look no further than ThemeIsle and its themes and templates.





Create a site in minutes with easily customizable, responsive, multi-purpose WordPress themes

Use Elementor, Brizy, or any page builder of choice, and work with WP 5.0 or Gutenberg

Set up your online store with WooCommerce in your language of choice

Best for: Online business owners, freelancers, agencies, and non-techies who want to build their websites using the best designs

ThemeIsle is a bundle of four super-fast, easily customizable, multi-purpose WordPress themes with a focus on Elementor compatibility.

You read right, folks: ThemeIsle includes not one but four WordPress themes that can be tailored to meet your every need.

With more and more of your visitors browsing from their phones, it’s important that you look great on every device.

That’s why all of these themes are mobile-ready and adjust to all devices and screen sizes.

Plus, each theme has been speed-tested, giving your visitors the ultimate page loading experience.

With a one-click install option, you can get started in no time and begin customizing your site using any of WordPress’s most popular page builders!

Neve is a recommended theme for pretty much everything. Seriously, the majority of people will find everything they need in Neve.

And with more than 30 ready-made designs across a variety of industries, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Neve takes your standard header/footer builder to the next level with sticky and transparent menus, mobile headers, social links, contact forms, breadcrumbs, and more.

And like every ThemeIsle design, Neve is compatible with Elementor, so you can get even deeper customization with Elementor widgets.

WordPress Customizer stans, Hestia is the theme for you.

And you’ll be in good company: thanks to its award-winning design, Hestia is used by more than 150K websites.

Using Google’s material design, Hestia features a header slide with unlimited photos or videos, Pricing and Portfolio sections, and custom sections for adding shortcodes.

You’ll also get a WooCommerce integration for a distraction-free check-out.

ShopIsle is a no-brainer for online stores.

With enhanced shopping cart options, like pop-ups, your customers will never lose their spot and you’ll generate higher conversion rates and sales.

ShopIsle can be customized fully so it matches your brand.

You’ll also enjoy ribbon stickers, maps, a Services section, and more.

And ThemeIsle loves you so much, they’ve included ShopIsle Pro in this deal, which includes a WooCommerce integration.

Seriously, nobody has time to cycle through hundreds of themes when building a website.

You need a theme that’s modern, stylish, and most of all easy-to-use.

With ThemeIsle, you get all that, plus award-winning design, Elementor compatibility, WooCommerce integration, and more.

Get lifetime access now!

P.S. Learn how to use ThemeIsle like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!



ThemeIsle Lifetime Deal

$49 for Lifetime

Vectera Lifetime Deal

Vectera Lifetime Deal

“Meet better with integrated scheduling and persistent virtual rooms”

Vectera Lifetime Deal

$69 for Lifetime

A lot of effort goes into client meetings—you have to plan, prepare, fight traffic, and then review.

That’s a whole lot of time and effort you could spend meeting more clients and growing your business.

Lucky for you, there’s an online meeting room that can take bookings, store all communication, and drastically improve your meetings process.

Meet (ha!) Vectera.


Clients can schedule meetings directly on your calendar, without back-and-forth email exchanges

Recurring meeting rooms store your uploaded content for easy and constant access

Click and play: no downloads or installations required

Best for: Anyone who wants to level-up their recurring 1-on-1 client meetings

Vectera is a zero-hassle solution that’s optimized for 1-on-1 and small group meetings of up to 6 people.

With no required downloads, you’re ready to launch your first meeting room right now. Or now. Orrrr now.

The only thing your clients need is the meeting room URL and a browser. (Don’t worry, everything happens on secure end-to-end encrypted P2P connections.)

You can play hard to get with your clients and make them come to you!

With Vectera’s powerful scheduling tool, your clients find time on your busy calendar without endless back-and-forth emails.

Vectera lets you schedule online and offline appointments. For online meetings, a meeting URL is automatically generated and shared with the client and host in an invite.

When a returning client books a new meeting, their trusty meeting room URL is reshared.

And you’ll never miss a date because Vectera integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, and more.

Within a video meeting, you can share your screen or co-browse with your client and upload documents directly into the virtual room.

There’s no more “Flip to page 10 of the agreement, third paragraph from the top.

With Vectera, your clients are right there with you.

Get visual with Vectera’s touch-friendly whiteboard that lets you keep notes or sketch your ideas, and even draw on screenshots and uploads.

All notes, documents, and recordings remain available in the virtual meeting room. For ?ev ? er.

And did we mention you can use your iPad, Surface, or any other tablet to annotate and draw on documents without installing any app?

Give your client access to the meeting room to go over the discussion, plus Vectera lets you record your conversation for deeper review.

You and your clients can return to the virtual room whenever you feel like, and next time you meet, you can pick up the conversation right where you left off.

When a traditional online meeting ends, all communication vanishes (kind of like when your Bumble crush ghosts you, or so I hear).

Vectera works fundamentally different, with persistent online meetings rooms that stick around forever.

Never experience a missed connection—or misplaced meeting notes—again.

Get lifetime access now!

P.S. Join us for a webinar and walk-through of Vectera on September 20th at 9am CDT. Click here to register.

    • Plans and Features

    • Features Included in All Plans

    • Lifetime access to Vectera

    • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

    • Each host can use 1 room simultaneously

    • All future plan updates

    • Buy up to 5 codes for up to 8 seats

    • Max 2GB of storage per host

    • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason


Vectera Lifetime Deal

$69 for Lifetime