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FOMOLink is a wide variety of the most wanted social proof widgets to show on your website to increase sales and improve ROI.


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What is FOMOLink?
FOMOLink is the easiest social proof tool you can use to drive more sales to your online store.
Whether you are selling products/services or just want more people to signup for your mailing list, FOMOLink is the way to go.

What is Social Proof?
Social Proof means showing the visitor of your website proof that other people visited your website, signed up for your newsletter, or purchased your products which help to sell your products and to grow your mailing list. Social Proof and FOMO are scientifically proven tactics to increase sales and many companies are already applying these tactics to their advantage. A great example on using social proof is the notification you see at the bottom of this page.

The most wanted social proof tool wanted by website owners nowadays is a notification that shows before the site visitor is about to leave the site “Also called Exit Intent” that ask the visitor not to leave the website and offers him a discount code. FOMOLink can show any notification based on one of three triggers. One of these three triggers is “Exit Intent”. To see a demo on FOMOLink exit intent trigger, visit this demo page.

In this example, we set the trigger to “Exit Intent” and the notification to “information Bar”

And in this sample, we set the trigger to “Scroll Percentage” which means the notification shows when the visitor scrolls down to a certain percentage of the page height. And the notification demonestrated is “Image”.


The fear of missing out “FOMO” simply sells products and services! It just works. When your site visitors see a notification telling them that someone else already purchased the same product they have been thinking about, they start trusting your store because if someone bought it, it must be good! Right?

FOMOLink can show 24 different types of notifications from a simple coupon code all the way to a testimonial video from one of your customers to tell your site visitors how awesome your products are.

See a list of all the notifications FOMOLink can show on your website Here.

See some of the notifications FOMO Link can show on your website below:

Information Bar

Coupon Bar


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992 in stock