TextMan 3 Years Subscription

TextMan is a plugin for WordPress to let you create a subscription form on your website for your site visitors to enter their phone numbers. And, form your WordPress dashboard you can send a text message “SMS” to your subscribers for free.

Plans and Specifications:

  • Use TextMan WordPress plugin on one website for 3 years
  • TextMan can send SMS messages to US cellular numbers only
  • It can not send to non-US numbers and can not send to virtual numbers such as Magic Jack and Google Voice
  • All future updates
  • Can change the licensed domain anytime from your TextMan dashboard
  • Must redeem within 60 days of purchase
  • Can renew after 3 years at the same rate ($39 per 3 years)
  • Web server requirements:
    – PHP 5.3 or above
    – Allow Url Fopen
    – Php mail function
    To test your website for compatibility with TextMan, please use this file

TextMan is The best SMS sender and Subscription Plugin for WordPress. Get your site visitors to subscribe by providing their phone numbers. And send unlimited number of SMS text messages directly to their registered phone numbers from your WordPress Dashboard at no additional cost!

9 Reasons why you need TextMan to grow your business

1. Because marketing via SMS messages is way more effective than email marketing.
2. According to statistics, we reach out to our phones once every 15 seconds on average during the day. Even during work hours.
3. Because TextMan delivers your message with your website’s URL or brand name on it, which gives your message creditability.
4. Because your text is guaranteed to be read at the moment they receive it.
5. SMS marketing is the most expensive type of marketing online nowadays because it’s the most effective type of marketing and using TextMan will let you do it for ZERO recurring costs.
6. Any business can benefit from SMS marketing, not just online businesses. You can promote literally any product or service by sending a simple SMS.
7. Using other services to send your SMS messages will cost you a fortune, not just at the beginning, but every month and every year forever.  While TextMan will let you send unlimited messages forever without paying a penny in the future.
8. TextMan is a great future investment if you compare it to the price of advertising on Google Adwords or Bing Ads.
9. TextMan will become a monthly subscription product for new customers while you will keep using it for free for three full years. It’s like winning the lottery!



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