Clever Messenger Lifetime Deal

Clever Messenger Lifetime Deal

“A new & easy way to truly implement Messenger in your marketing, sales & support”

Clever Messenger Lifetime Deal

$199 Onetime Payment

Clever Messenger Lifetime Deal Promo LTD Video

Automated Conversations that INSIST

  • Drag ‘n Drop the Chatbot of your Dreams with Ease!
  • ‘Zeus-like’ Growth Tools Increasing Your Bottom-Line!
  • Clever Engagement Feats Helping Reach Your Audience.
  • Track & Improve Performance with In-depth Analytics!

Basically, be there 24/7 – without really being there!

A new & easy way to truly implement Messenger in your
marketing, sales & support. The future is yours.

Prices will INCREASE in:

Get Instant Access During This Special One-Time
Celebratory Charter Launch Right Now!

Big BrandsAlready UseChatbots
on Messenger to…

  Messenger Benefits

Here’s why Messenger should have
your undivided attention

Over 1.3 billion active users
72% of people who use Messenger are confirmed online buyers.
It is the most engaging channel with average 82% open rates.
It has 4 to 10 times higher CTRs compared to email.
Response time is 20% FASTER compared to traditional messaging.

Your audience already uses Messenger day-in day-out, you and your business
should be a part of that conversation.



Send Text

Your bot can send powerful text messages. Add emoji, pers. tags, delays and more!


Send Images & GIFs

If images speak a thousand words, GIFs speak ten thousand words. Funky!


Send Videos

Want to send videos? You can. Use this if you want to increase that personal vibe.


Send Files

Send out that PDF or eBook you promised after they subscribed to your chatbot.


Send List Items

Beautiful listings! Use eCom integrations & easily add your products to the mix.


Send Carousel Items

Carousel Ads, but for Messenger! Great if you want to share some more + cool eCom integrations


Apply Tags

Behavioral tagging. Add tags based on what your subscribers see and click on.


Apply Actions

Have your chatbot perform actions based on any conditions you desire.




Grow your business with ease

It’s now easy to grow your Messenger audience. Access a complete set capture tools helping you convert anyone into a subscriber.



Send messages to your subscribers

With 82% average open rates and 10x better CTR than email, Messenger is the best place to make your message heard.

AnAll-in-onesolution packed with
powerful features.

Send unlimited broadcasts

Send unlimited messages to your subscribers. You choose your limit.

Use on unlimited pages

Install & use Clever Messenger on Unlimited FB™ Pages – no per page BS.

A/B Splittest

Test entire Flows, or all the way down to a single message. Optimize!

Easy 10 second install

No headaches. Quick, simple install. You’re ready to build in just 3 clicks.

Typing indicators!

Make your chatbot come appear like a human by mimicking typing!


Only send out messages if users match your required conditions.

Full Emoji Support

Pimp up your message & give it that human touch & feel by using Emoji!

Personalization Tags

Automate personalization. Address your subscribers by their name easily!


Plug everything you want inside your chatbot – next level stuff!

More ways to make it yours

Integrate the tools you already use and love

Image Image Image Image ImageImage Image Image Image ImageImageImageImageImageImage

This is just a handful of all native integrations Clever got in place.

Clever Messenger Lifetime Deal

$299 $199 OneTime

Webinar Ignition Lifetime Deal

Webinar Ignition Lifetime Deal

“WebinarIgnition is the most flexible platform for creating professional live & automated webinar funnels”

Webinar Ignition Lifetime Deal

$97 Onetime Payment

Webinar Ignition Lifetime Deal Promo LTD Video

WebinarIgnition Features:

  • Customizable Registration, Confirmation, Live & Replay Pages
  • Live Video Feed Integration (Including Youtube Live)
  • Email & Text Message Reminders
  • Q&A / Chat Integration
  • Sales and Conversion Tracking
  • No Monthly Fee!


What Can You Do with WebinarIgnition?



Live Webinars

Run engaging, high-converting live webinars.



Automated Webinars

Create evergreen webinars that run 24/7 on your website and sales funnels.



Build your Email List

Start building a list of targeted prospects and buyers, as each registrant can be added to your email list.



Live Console

Our ‘Live Console’ allow you to easily managing questions, call-to-action messages, and detailed reporting.


WebinarIgnition Has Loads of Features!


WebinarIgnition + WordPress

WebinarIgnition integrates with the WordPress CMS, making it super easy to install and manage your webinar campaigns directly from the WordPress dashboard.


Integrate with Any Email Marketing Provider

WebinarIgnition can integrate with any email auto-responder including top providers like GetResponse, Aweber, iContact, SendReach, and MailChimp.


Facebook Connect

Allow visitors to register via their Facebook login.

Video Feed Embed

Embed any video feed such as Youtube Live, LiveStream and Ustream into your Live or Automated Webinar Page.


Customizable Templates

We provide professionally designed templates you can utilize to create your webinar pages.  Each template can be fully customized with branding options, color options, show/hide elements, and lots more.

Customizable Templates

Webinarign Ignition Lifetime Deal

$97 for Unlimited Webinars

Doodly Lifetime Deal

Doodly Lifetime Deal

“Quickly and easily make Whiteboard, Blackboard, & Glassboard videos in minutes!”

Doodly Lifetime Deal

$67 Onetime Payment

Create unlimited whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, and even glassboard doodle videos.

Just select a doodle image. Click and drag it to the canvas, and Doodly will automatically draw the image for you. And that’s it. It couldn’t be any easier.


New Doodly Smart Draw technology ™ allows you to draw any image in seconds.

Don’t want to use our hundreds of doodle images in your videos? No problem. You can upload your own images and then use our patent-pending, Doodly Smart Draw technology to create point-and-click custom draw paths, allowing you to draw any and all images you upload yourself. The only limit is your imagination.

Large selection of male and female hand types in various ethnicities.

You’ll be able to choose between tens of different male or female hands, as well as various colors, sizes, and ethnicities to give your doodle video the perfect personalized touch.

Record your own custom voiceover audio directly within Doodly, and easily sync it to your Doodle sketch with the click of a button.

We make the process of adding your voice to your video super simple. Just click the record button, start talking, and Doodly will automatically add your voice to your video. And, of course, if you’d rather upload a professional voiceover, or an audio exported from another program, you can easily do that as well.

Thousands of custom drawn doodle sketch images only found in Doodly.

We don’t use stock images or photos. All of the doodle images found inside of Doodly have been custom drawn by our professional graphic artist team. You won’t find higher quality doodle sketch images anywhere on the planet. You’ll get 200 character images. 10 completely unique and different characters with 20 custom poses, each. Not only that, but you’ll also get 20 different background scenes, and hundreds of props and assets covering every topic and niche you can imagine or easily upload your own images and Doodly will draw them, if you don’t like ours.

No longer will you be forced to pay outrageous fees, and wait weeks to months for professional designers and videographers to create hand-sketched, doodle videos for you.

You’ll be able to create your own professional doodle sketch videos with little, to no design or technical skills.

And not only that, but you’ll be able to create your videos in minutes… not weeks. And the end-result can be even better than what the professionals deliver!

Use Doodly to draw all kinds of REALLY cool things to entertain, engage, and affect your viewers in a positive way.

Can be used for sales and/or social media videos, special occasions, or just for the fun of drawing. The only limit is your imagination!

Note: All videos shown below were made with Doodly by simply pointing and clicking a mouse.


Doodly Lifetime Deal

Doodly is a whiteboard greenboard software
$67 for life

WP Manage Ninja Birthday Fluent Forms Lifetime Deal

WP Fluent Forms Lifetime Deal

“The Fastest & Most Powerful WordPress Form Plugin”

WP FluentForms Lifetime Deal

50% Discount on WP FluentForms Lifetime

WP Fluent Forms Lifetime Deal Promo Video

luent Forms is the fastest and most intuitive plugin for WordPress form building.
60+ pre-built templates and the compelling UI will make your form creation
fun and playful. Build. Edit. Delete. Easily and effortlessly.
From highly customizable drag and drop fields to HubSpot integration, multi-step
forms to unique built-in visual data representation – WP Fluent Forms has it all.

Incredible Features

WP Fluent Forms has all the enticing features to make and customize a form
for any purpose. Be it a simple contact form or checkout form, you can efficiently
build it without any trouble. The new WP Fluent Forms holds a brilliant set of
functionalities to amaze people from different walks of life.

Ready Input Fields

All input fields are thoughtfully built, and they’re meant to fill a
particular purpose. Everyone has their own traits.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

To build a form, all you have to do is drag the fields you need and drop
them to see the magic. Form building was never easier.

Pre-built Form Templates

You know what’s FUN? Select a template and build a form in no time.
Dozens of templates and all are categorized.

Calculated Fields

If you keep options for adding numbers and you need to get them
calculated, yes, our form builder plugin can help you out.

Visual Data Reporting

Based on the submitted entries, WP Fluent Forms will create
charts to better understand the data for further actions.

Step Forms

Now cut long forms into multi-step formats. Studies show
these forms have elevated conversion rate, and users feel comfort.

Multi-column Form Layout

Want to change the typical one-column layout? Use WP
Fluent Forms and introduce a two or three-column layout.

Conditional Logic

This single feature is a highly valuable option that can
help you achieve the control you want over your form.

File & Image Upload

If you authorize users to upload their files and images, then they
can do it. Not to mention it’s a handy feature sometimes.

Block Spams & Blank Entries

You can enable reCAPTCHA for human verification
and activate the default option to prevent blank entries.

Form Scheduling & Restriction

Schedule a form when you want to show it’s in action, and restrain
when you don’t allow users to submit.

Automated Form Confirmation

Activate the automated option, and users will receive a message
for their successful form submission.

Conditional Email Notification

You’re never away from your forms. Whenever a form is
submitted, both you and your users can get notified if you allow.

Repeat Fields

Repeat field is a useful feature for adding multiple fields dynamically.
A user can add many of the same fields with this option.

25+ 3rd-party Integrations

With third-party integration, you can make the plugin more powerful
and amass more strength in one place.

Every 3rd-party integration
you need in one place!

When you want to add more power to your arsenal with secondary
applications, WP Fluent Forms appears as a formidable contestant.
From CRM to email marketing software, project management to conversion
tools – WP Fluent Forms has a powerful list of additional integration.

Trello, Asana and 1500+ other integrations via Zapier

Works fluently with all the page builders

WP Fluent Forms is fully compatible with all the WordPress page builders available
out there. Meaning, you can use our form builder plugin without any confrontation
with the page builder you’re currently using. It’s well suited to the major builders and the novel ones.


Fluent Forms Lifetime Deal

50% off on Fluent Forms Lifetime

GroupBoss Lifetime Deal

GroupBoss Lifetime Deal

“The Best Way For Getting Leads From Your Facebook Group”

GroupBoss Lifetime Deal

$299 for Unlimited Groups for Lifetime

GroupBoss Lifetime Deal Promo Video

Unlimited Facebook Groups
Unlimited Autoresponder
Support Over The Phone
Saves All Member’s Answers
Export Emails for Custom Audience
In depth search filters
Free Training
Access To Exclusive Community

You Got A Facebook Group?
Let’s turn your Facebook group members data into customer loyalty now.
Convert your Facebook group members into your paying customer.
Whether your time-saving automation needs are large or small,
Groupboss is here to help you scale

GroupBoss Reviews:


GroupBoss Lifetime Deal

GroupBoss Lifetime Deal
$299 for Unlimited Groups for Lifetime

Brizy Pro Lifetime Deal

Brizy Pro Lifetime Deal

“The most user-friendly website builder in town”

Brizy Pro Lifetime Deal

$299 for Lifetime


Intuitive & Clutter Free

Nothing says ‘intuitive’ more than a tool that shows only what’s needed for the task and hides everything that’s not. That’s what makes Brizy the most user-friendly website builder.



Get off to a great start with professional designs

You might want to begin with a blank page and let your imagination guide you, but if that’s a little too intimidating, just start off with one of our beautiful pre-designed pages, blocks and pop-ups, all part of our Brizy website builder.


The time-saving feature that designers always wanted

Ever wanted to change all the similar colors in your page with a single click? With Brizy drag and drop website builder, you can! Not only that, but you can change all texts that share the same properties in one go, as well. All done with our Global Styling options.


Build quickly and intuitively with our innovative content tools

Speed up your design workflow with our smart content tools that show most options for each element right on top of it. This reduces mouse travel and saves time and also makes Brizy the most sought after drag and drop website builder.

• Rich Text Element

• Images with Zoom & Focus 

• Easy-to-setup Forms

• 4000+ Vector Icons

• Smart, Versatile Buttons

• Unrestricted Tabs Content

Custom Fields Integrations for WordPress

The most important ‘Custom Field’ plugins in WordPress are all supported, so the hard decision of which one to use is entirely up to you.

ACF Logo
Toolset Logo
Pods Logo
Meta Box Logo

Brizy Pro Lifetime Deal

$299 for Lifetime