“Now You Can Create Irresistible Video Ads That Turbo-Charge Your Sales, Customers & Conversions”

Group 17

 Clipman 2.0 makes professional video ads from e-commerce product pages in a couple of clicks and less than 60-seconds.

Group 17 HD video ad templates to obliterate the e-commerce learning curve and build an e-com store that pays for itself sooner.

Group 17 Boost your ROI by cutting out designer fees, agency fees, and outsourced staff fees by only using proven video ads templates to create better CHEAPER ads in minutes.

Group 17 Save time and money by removing the need for expensive video equipment and editing software.

Group 17 Clipman 2.0 Sells your products using videos that look like a top design agency painstakingly built them by hand.

Group 17 Sync up with Facebooks algorithm and leverage Facebook’s love of video then turn it into hard cash.

Group 17 Create, fine tune, and publish your ads directly to Facebook from inside Clipman 2.0.

Group 17 Scale your business with ease! Clipman 2.0 creates split tests whenever you create a new campaign, and uploads them directly to Facebook. It’s beyond easy.

Group 17 Grow and maintain a hugely profitable client-based business at no extra expense.

Group 17

 Build a retargeting list to turn watchers into buyers and buyers into repeat customers retargeted at massively reduced prices.

Clipman Lifetime Deal

$67 Unlimited License