Pixel Me Pro Plan

“This Incredible URL Shortener & Retargeting Pixel Allows You to Acquire More Users for Less”

PixelMe powers your digital marketing attribution. Boost revenue by shortening your links with UTM tags and retargeting pixels, and measure your ROI across channels in one place. It’s the simplest way to retarget any user that clicks on your link!

URL shortener: Build branded short URLs through custom domains to increase CTR. Share and track your links across your social channels and campaigns.
Link retargeting: Add retargeting pixels to your links and turn every URL into perfectly targeted ads. Retarget visitors from 3rd party sites like Amazon, Kickstarter, Medium, Apple Store, and more.
UTM builder: Add campaign parameters (UTM tags) to your links to track where clicks come from and how to optimize your marketing performance. Organize your links with templates, folders, and tags.
Amazon: PixelMe makes it simple to send people to your Amazon store from paid ads or social media posts and retarget them afterwards.

Pixel Me Lifetime Deal

$39 Pro Plan